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Since 1921,  the first owner Shigematsu Murakami founded our company in Kagetsu town in Fukui City.  We have accumulated technical expertise in every area of the stone industry. “Murakami Marble Co., Ltd.”celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2016.

Under our companies philosophy, which is “Let’s do what society needs, so be a company for society”,  we are actively engaged in a wide variety of stone related businesses from shrines and temples, stones for construction projects,  monuments, and  tombstone constructions. In addition, as the economic globalization progresses, we began importing stones from Europe, Asia,  the United States and many more countries. Also we assist in quality control factories overseas including in locations such as China.

Not only we focus on quality control and delivery management, but we also are working on improving the processing and building technique of stone industry in Japan. As a company which is many generations old, we also focus on skill succession to next generations, which is necessary for the stone industry to develop. Finally we are working on the future with the mindset of supporting the local areas surrounding us. 

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The outline of the company

  • Company Name : MURAKAMI MARBLE CO.,LTD.
  • Board Members : President, Shigenori Murakami
  • Central office of a company : 61, Haribara Harue-tyou, Sakai-Shi, Fukui-ken, Japan
  • postcode :  919-0476
  • TEL:+81-776-51-2552  
  • FAX:+81-776-51-1461
  • Email: msk@murakami-dairiseki.co.jp  
  • Date of Foundation : 1921
  • Number of employees : 18(in 2020)
  • Business Line : Tombstones, Stone for construction projects, Shrines and Temples, Monuments, Reproducing Syakudani-ishi, Garden lantern, and so on.